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Provincial Token-Coinage of Great Britain & Ireland

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Evasions - Inferior Issues of 18th Century

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Welcome to Last Druid Coins – a place built for collectors, by collectors

Our online journey began in 2020.  Whether you are a seasoned numismatist or a novice beginning your collecting journey, our website offered a range of tokens to suit all your collecting needs. We will continue to offer this service and feel that now is the right time to provide more to our global collecting community.

With the launch of our new website in Summer 2023, we want to build on our service by offering an auction experience, predominantly catering for our collectors of Provincial Token-Coinage.
Our hobby has always played second-fiddle to more mainstream fields of numismatics, that much we accept. However, in more recent times, we’ve experienced a decline in token auctions and material entering the market. This is not due to a decline in collectorship but rather a shift in the direction of larger firms who have diversified, substantially in some cases, to a level where items with a higher level of return are almost exclusively prioritised over token sales. As a business strategy, one cannot see fault in these changes which are done largely by necessity than choice, and in some cases being critical for the very survival of an entity.

Consequently, our role as fiddler no.2 has moved several positions down the order of things, finding ourselves in unfamiliar roles and leaving our interests being barely part of the orchestra. This, as part of our longevity and sustainability, we cannot accept.

At Last Druid Coins, we are passionate about the future of our hobby. We want to build a platform that caters almost exclusively to the token collecting community. We believe strongly that our traditionally held position at the back of a sale catalogue should be reversed and flipped entirely on its head, bringing tokens to the forefront and being prioritised above all else.

Join us as we embark on the second, and perhaps the most important, next step of our journey. Built for collectors, by collectors.

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Why a Beta version?

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Putting the collector at the heart of everything we do.

Gratefully yours,

Last Druid Team