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About Us


Welcome to the Last Druid’s website.

This site is dedicated to token-coinage of Great Britain and Ireland. Material here is specialised towards the 18th Century, a period of numismatics more commonly associated with provincial token-coinage or Conder tokens as they are widely referred to. Rich in industrial, socio-economic and political history, these tokens represent a wonderful portal into the past and offered on this site is a wide selection and key examples from this most fascinating numismatic era.

As an avid collector myself, I have come to know many people across the world that share common interests and with whom I have become long term friends. My aim is to bring my passion, enthusiasm and the knowledge that I have amassed to offer you carefully selected items from my inventory. All tokens are described honestly, graded appropriately, and are accompanied by high resolution images that allow you to inspect for yourself. In addition, I will be publishing quarterly lists which offer even more tokens! So, what’s with the Druid?

I am a second-generation collector and was brought up in Amlwch, Anglesey where these tokens were first issued en-masse by the Parys Mines Company. Long associated with Anglesey are its Druid ancestors that inhabited the island up to 78 AD, but the Druid’s tale would be resurrected in 1787 to serve as the symbol upon the Anglesey penny token. As a fitting tribute, the Druid’s tale continues here. Now residing in Nottingham with my family, I now offer my services to you, the token collector. Whether you are just beginning, advanced or just want to discuss tokens, I would love to hear from you.

Your most humble servant,